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2014 December

Thursday, Dec 18 -
Kami Lyle/Joey Spampinato Farewell Party at
Harvest Gallery Wine Bar 7:30 pm
(Pete O’Brien at 6:00)
776 Main St. (Rt. 6A) in Dennis Village
Dennis, MA 508-385-2444

WE'RE MOVING!! I know!! Crazy, right?! Not for permanent, but for a pretty long time. We've been offered a completely amazing gig in Naples, FL for the Winter, but it means leaving Cape Cod on Christmas Day and not coming home until May. You'll probably be done with Christmas by then. New Years too. That's okay. Do what you gotta do. We'll catch up.

Incidentally, do not listen to Christmas music while you pack. It WILL make you cry. Thank you Elvis.

We ARE playing ONE LAST NIGHT before we go. December 18 at Harvest Gallery Wine Bar. We'd LOVE to see you there if you can make it out. It'd be really nice to get to see everyone once before we go.

And if you want to drive down with us...come on!! The two (insanely gorgeous) clubs we'll be playing at are Lurçat and The Continental. Both are unbelievably beautiful!! Right on the strip. In downtown Naples.

(Our first night of playing will be New Years Eve, at Lurçat. After that we'll be Thursday, Friday and Saturday at Lurçat, and Sunday and Monday at The Continental.)

Besides writing a batch of new songs, I'll be launching my Kickstarter campaign from Florida too! (It just seems like a good place to launch things.) More very exciting news on that soon.

So keep in touch, come down and visit if you can, and if you have any friends in Naples tell them to stop by! We'd love to meet them!

Love and joy,



(As always, please do call ahead before you go out,
just to make sure club schedules, weather, life, etc
have not done anything kooky. Thanks.)